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Aqua Hydration drops, Reviews are with permission...

Lauren M., Kew Australia

"The Aqua Hydration Formulae has been part of my daily routine for at least 10 years. I have had a chance to test their efficacy. (Let's face it: when we are taking some preparation, how do we know that we are feeling good because of the preparation? - or is it just a coincidence?)

As a traveling performer and actor, over the years I was often on the road for long periods of time. Sometimes my supplies of the Aqua's would run out, and during periods when I was not able to take the Aquas regularly, I found that the symptoms of dehydration returned: dry mouth, unexplained headaches, fatigue and even gastric reflux; all of which I used to experience on a regular basis.

During hot periods in the summer months, I would often find myself drinking large amounts of fluids, feeling bloated but still thirsty. All of these symptoms vanish when I'm taking the Aqua's!  

The Aquas have become a regular part of my morning and evening activity, a background supplement that sets me up for the day. I find that when I am well hydrated, I do not need to rely on other supplements as much as I used to.  

The Aqua's have become my major preventative 'medicine'"

Robert's Story

"It was several weeks after John brought the Aqua hydration Formulae and I still had not begun taking them. There was
no big hurry. I knew the Aquas were energetic interventions.
It always takes energetic interventions time to change the physical body. I figured it would take at least a month to feel the effects from taking the Aquas on a regular basis. My elbows felt like the back of an elephant and the skin on my face was scaly but - whatever - I am a man who does not bother looking in the mirror very often.

The day finally came when I took my morning AM bottle of drops. Later that morning I wisped off to my ritualistic run down beside the waters of the Puget Sound. I just happen to have my Superman shirt on that day. Now I have been running for years so I know what it feels like to run up hills and what it feels like to pour on the coal. This day, however, was a day like no other I have experienced.

For the first time in my entire running life (and for those who are curious I am four decades older than 21), I flew up hills as if I were Superman. The 

Superman shirt actually fit. It wasn't even a joke. I had never run so effortlessly in my life. The recoil time was rapid and my peak running stints did not create the heavy breathing that sounds like I am about to die which is my typical daily experience with running.

The bottom line is (without all the hyperbole) that hydrating my body using Aquas created an amazing result. My youth had returned at last. I love feeling 18 again. I actually had so much energy that I had to cut down the number of drops I took from 3 drops to 2 drops a day. I could feel the cells throughout my body being nourished and revitalized. My daily productivity increased by at least 50% because of the increased stamina and energy I felt from taking the Aquas.

My elbows converted to the softness of a baby's cheek. Well, almost. My wrinkles faded. Daily swings in my weight stabilized. I lost 10 years off of my age. It makes a huge difference to the age you look when the largest organ in the body - the skin - is soft and tender. Now I do not mind looking in the mirror more than once a month. I figure if people knew about the Aqua Formulae, they would not bother getting face lifts or other plastic surgery. Aquas are much less expensive to use and painless. Better yet, they use a combination of perfectly safe ingredients." 

Deborah's Story

"I also did not immediately use the Aqua hydration Formulae when we received them from John. Too many things to do, too many supplements to take each day, too many things to attend to as a mother of two wild and wacky nearly adult sons. I would get around to the Aquas eventually, as is my style. But, when I witnessed Robert's amazing burst of energy and well-being, how he was getting things accomplished with optimism and enthusiasm, I was encouraged to start.

Now, being as sensitive as I am, I decided to begin with one drop of the Aquas in the AM and one drop in the PM, just to see how my body would respond. After all, all I had to do was to hold the bottles in my hand to experience the essence of the Formulae. And, being a woman, it was way too much energy for me to hold the Male Aqua Formulae. Wow. I could feel why Robert had become Superman! Holding the Female Aqua Formulae in my hand felt much more comforting to me. And so, my intuition paid off. With one drop, I could instantly feel the Aquas working in my body and in my psyche. That first drop started a process in me that has not quit.

I instantly felt a warm rush of well-being spread within and throughout every cell of my being. I felt my energy field quickly expanding so that I felt myself to be a much larger and profound presence in the universe. I continue to have more energy and optimism, and believe that the Aquas could be wonderful to combat anxiety and depression (I've been in the mental health field for over 30 years).

But, one of the most fascinating results of my taking the Aquas (now that I have stabilized to 2 drops per dosage) is that my 16 year old son, Stefan, has stopped teasing me with his turkey gobbling noises, which were intended to focus on my bagging facial and neck skin.

Stefan had to admit that within a few weeks of taking the Aquas, that my few facial wrinkles and more profoundly, my sagging neckline, had disappeared! Even my girlfriends noticed that my "old lady neck" had disappeared, and they, naturally, expressed interest in the Aquas for this reason alone.

Let me add, my skin is smooth and soft again, and the appearance of my waistline and especially my legs and thighs has improved dramatically. So, I am on my way back to the beauty that I was before Menopause knocked on my door. I am 54 but continue to get carded at the movie theatre so I can get into an R-rated movie. Ha! And my exercise routine had a boost, just like Robert's. I can pedal my bike like a wild woman! So, why not give the Aquas a try and see what they will do for you! This is the most cost effective product I have ever used in my life! Energy medicine works in mysterious, synergistic ways that nothing else can match!"

Aqua Formula user for Symptoms of Parkinsons

"I am happy to provide you with a testimonial but would ask that my identity is not disclosed as I am using Aqua Formula as part of my own treatment for Parkinson's. Only a handful of close people know about my condition and it is my preference to keep it that way for now.

I am a 41 year old female with Parkinson's. I currently work full time and I was looking for a way to lessen my symptoms especially during the working day. Prior to my diagnoses I was a complementary therapist and have a strong belief in treating conditions holistically. I read about aqua formula being used with some success for Parkinson's and decided to give it a try.

My symptoms were stiffness in the shoulder, wrist and last two fingers in my left hand. My pinky and ring finger would go into spasms. I also had a dull aching pain in the bones of my upper arm and hip joint. I have being using the Formulae for going on six months now.

A month ago I would have said that they have reduced my symptoms by about 30%. However after having gone on holiday for a week and forgot to take my two bottles with me, my symptoms did become worse and I would now say that the Formulae reduced my symptoms by more than 50%. I think my symptoms could be reduced further by some simple dietary and lifestyle changes. The only symptoms that I have now are stiffness in my shoulder, wrist and pinky and ring finger. For now the spasms have gone as has the dull pain in my upper arm and hip joint.
I would highly recommend using the Aqua Formulae - they have made a difference to my well being and symptoms.

Ray A. Australia

“I am eighty years of age and have suffered with severe vertigo.
I was advised by a health professional to take the Aqua’s. After taking them regularly for 18 months the vertigo disappeared completely and I have not had an attack for 4 years.”


Hello "aqua hydration" You may remember that I bought a set of Aquas during the course. There was a suggestion that it might help the broken arm heal. It is much better but I do not know if it has anything to do with the Aquas. The main thing I have noticed is an increase in energy/stamina and the need to drink more even though I was a big drinker before (I do mean water!). So I would like another set please. Best Wishes"

Brian Heath, Taunton

"I have become extraordinarily active in the last few weeks. I can only put this down to your re-hydration drops. Whooppee - this solves a problem I have been struggling with for 30 years consciously, and 20 years before that." 

Alice. O. Practitioner - Ireland.

Since using the Aqua’s my husband Padraraig, who has run marathons in the past and is now training for one in October, coming from being very unfit, finds he has much more energy and is enjoying the training more than usual considering how unfit he is.
When my husband has completed a long run, he would have sore, painful and tired legs. But since he has been on the Aquas he finds no pain or soreness and the tiredness does not last as long (this may be helped by Bowen technique too).

My daughter Sinead who is 'much happier' after using the Aqua’s - has had some headaches when she has none."

Sue Jones MBTER UK

"Before taking Aqua Hydration Formulae I was feeling my left hip joint when I walked. Since taking AHF for a month I no longer am conscious of my hip joints when walking.
Similarly a friend of mine, who probably ought to have a hip replacement, found it necessary to take paracetamol to cope with his hip pain. Once he started taking the Aqua Hydration Formula he no longer needed paracetamol. When he ran out of AHF he needed to revert to paracetamol."

G. Baird, Elwood. Voice teacher.

"Prior to using the Aquas over 15 years ago I rarely drank water or many fluids at all because I felt bloated (like I was drowning). Since I began using the Aqua Formulae I easily drink over 2 liters of filtered water each day. Other benefits I have noticed are that I have less pain in my joints, my skin quality and hydration have improved and I actually feel thirsty and enjoy drinking water."