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"Aqua  HYDRATION  Formulas are

designed to promote stamina and wellbeing by 

supporting cellular hydration in your body" 

“Not drinking enough water is one of the commonest causes of unwellness...
chronic dehydration is a major cause of ageing.”
Ageless body, timeless mind Dr. Deepak Chopra 



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Parkinson’s Disease

 Melbourne Naturopath John Coleman
ND incorporates the AQUA HYDRATION
FORMULAE in his treatment protocol for
Neuro Degenerative diseases.
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John Coleman ND, in his book
“Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’”
describes the reversal of all his symptoms
of stage 4 Parkinson’s disease. John
writes, “After trying many forms of bodywork
during my journey with Parkinson’s
disease, I found that Bowen Therapy
combined with the Aqua Hydration
Formulae and self help activities, brought
the greatest benefit.”
John perceives a synergy between the two
therapies, especially when enhanced by
self-help activities and lifestyle changes.

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We all need more energy


We all need more energy but Sportsmen & Athletes particularly, notice Improved Performance.

Use The Aqua Formulae
for Increased Stamina & Energy Levels,
 and Shorter Recovery Time

Improve and support cellular hydration.
    This has many knock on benefits:
    one being Joint Pain is often reported
    eliminated or reduced.

Optimise the uptake of nutrients &
    clearance of toxins resulting in a sense
    of improved general wellbeing.


HYDRATION is your body's ability to absorb and utilize WATER in the tissues down to the cellular level and is a major issue in managing our wellness. Tissue under stress from injury, load, or lack of movement dehydrates.

 The organic crystalline structures in our bodies have the capacity to generate and conduct electrical fields. The more hydrated the tissue the better it performs its electrical duties. These duties include the ionic bonding, transfer of nutrients, and wastes, and the conducting of neural transmissions. “A 10% change in water content can trigger a million fold change in charge transport along a protein.” 

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